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Afghanistan hash ,Cannabis in Afghanistan has been cultivate for centuries, and experience relatively little interference.

until the 1970s, whereafter it became an issue both in international politics and in the finance.

of the series of wars which occurre in Afghanistan for forty years.

While traditional cultivation and largely local consumption of cannabis was common in Afghanistan,#.

the development of the Hippie Trail in the 1970s bring an influx of young tourists with an appetite.

for cannabis to Afghanistan. Hashish is nominally illegal in 1957, allegedly mostly as a concession to US pressure, but persiste as a common drug in the country. However, increase production and sale to Western tourists raise the issue to the level of a social problem for the Afghan government. In 1972 Afghan authorities confiscated large amounts of refined heroin and hashish intended for export, revealing the increasingly international scope of drug production in the country. US pressure on Kabul hashish syndicates in 1971 further increased the tension around the issue.

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Afghan hashish is found on sale in different varieties. It’s which largely refer to where it was produce and also define its quality and price. Balkh and Panjshir provinces are famous for their high-quality chars, known as shirak. Their hashish, compared to that in other parts of the country, is also more expensive.

During this 1970s, several Afghan citizens were also link to The Brotherhood of Eternal Love commune in the United States. Kabul merchant Hyatullah Tohki transported hashish with his brother Amanullah, who worked at the American embassy.

In 1973, King Zahir Shah outlawed opium poppy and cannabis production, this time followed by genuine commitment to eradication, backed by $47 million in funding from the United States government. That summer Afghan troops aggressively tackled production, destroying farms and arresting or killing cannabis farmers. In 1978, Daoud Khan was depose by the communist People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan in the Saur Revolution

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