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A popular strain for sativa-lovers, Allen Wrench presents the best qualities of its parents, Trainwreck and NYC Diesel with crisp flavors of sour fruit. Its aroma has been characterize as sour and flowery, leaving a lingering scent of fruit. It is known to provide users with a long-lasting cerebral high and fill an entire room with its strong essence. The buds have a dark-green color and dark foliage with orange pistils growing out. It also has a 10-11 week flowering time and medium to medium-high THC content.

The high from Allen Wrench comes on quickly as a headrush, accompanied by a mounting pressure behind the eyes and temples. Users may also notice some increased salivation at first. Almost immediately, smokers will detect a change in perception: otherwise mundane objects or experiences can take on new significance, worthy of deep analysis. This kind of free-associative thinking may stoke creative, artistic work; it can also allow for cerebral problem-solving, helping users to see an entrenched challenge from a new angle. As the high wears on and users become accustomed to this altered state, Allen Wrench’s cerebral nature can become more comfortable. In social settings, this may lend itself to stimulating conversation — or even just a few shared giggles. Because it keeps smokers alert at best and jittery at worst, it is an excellent choice for daytime productivity but is not always the best option for nighttime use.

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Allen Wrench marijuana strain is a beautiful and highly potent Sativa marijuana. The herb is known to deliver the ultimate psychoactive experience. The buds are very fragrant, dense, dark green with orange hairs. They strongly smell of sour flowers with fruity notes. Allen Wrench cannabis plants take 10-11 weeks to flower. The kush is very potent, with THC levels up to 24%. Beginners should be mindful of the dose. Allen Wrench marijuana is good for daytime use due to stimulating properties. So,

This batch of the Allen Wrench strain had a incredibly similar bud structure to that of the Trainwreck stain. However, the color of the buds themselves seem to be a shade or two darker than what I’ve come to expect.


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