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There is no question that the traditional ‘smoking’ method of using marijuana remains highly popular. Whether you use a joint, blunt, or bowl, combusting the herb is still the ‘go-to’ option for many users. However, BHO wax is now a viable alternative, but only if you are an experienced user. butane wax

BHO (Butane Hash Oil) wax is a gooey, sticky, potent substance. It is create by extracting active terpenes and cannabinoids from cannabis with a liquid solvent (i.e., butane/lighter fluid).

This concentrated resin is extremely strong and loaded with THC. It can get you high to the point of hallucination! It could also lead to a host of dangers and complications. The remarkably high THC content means user – beware! There are also inherent risks during the extraction process. While using BHO wax offers a unique and beneficial experience, knowledge is necessary before you begin hitting those dabs.

butane wax

One popular extraction method uses butane, a highly flammable solvent, which is put through an extraction tube filed with marijuana. The butane evaporates leaving a sticky liquid call“wax” or “dab.” This method is dangerous because butane is a very explosive substance. There have been explosions in houses, apartment buildings and other locations where someone tried the extraction.

710 (the word “OIL” flipped and spelled backwards), wax, ear wax, honey oil, budder, butane hash oil, butane honey oil (BHO), shatter, dabs (dabbing), black glass, and errl.

The key aspect of making BHO that is safe for consumption is the evaporation process. If the liquid substance is not evaporate correctly, then people might end up smoking both the good and the bad substances, making it unsafe and unhealthy. That being said, if you compare properly evaporated BHO with regular marijuana that most people smoke, good BHO is much more pure.

While critics argue that smoking BHO must include a certain amount of butane being inhaled in the process, even with the purest and most properly prepared BHO, it’s important to consider that the average lighter also contains butane as fuel. If you use a regular lighter to smoke a pipe. Then you are also bind to inhale some of that butane, aren’t you?

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