Cannabis Grape Sours Candy has THC ratio of 25mg to 150mg of delicious Edibles. Cannabis Grape Sours Candy have a 25mg marijuana edibles and are delicious potent edibles. It has 6 Candies per pack 150mg.

Get ready to pucker up, because this strain truly tastes like sour grapes. A pungent cross between Sour Diesel and Granddaddy Purple, Sour Grape has a very sour, fuel-like scent with fruity aftertones. Introspective and relaxing, this strain is great for winding down with a cup of tea or a low-key evening with friends. Sour Grape walks the fine line between energizing and calming, relaxing the muscles while avoiding the strong sedative effects found in pure indicas. This strain works well for consumers suffering from stress and muscle tension. It’s different from the craft strain “Sour Grapes,” so remember to ask your budtender which one they carry.

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Like its parent strain Grape Ape, Sour Grapes tends to be a mottled purple rather than turning entirely purple, with a collection of soft almost pastel-like colors blending into a harmonious whole.  The nugs are of medium density thanks to a bit of Sativa influence added from the Diesel . But they still mostly retain the Grape Ape shape and overall structure.  Trichome coverage is above average but there is still enough room to let the color shine through (it doesn’t look white to the naked eye).

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