Ghost Strain Haze


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Ghost Train Haze is a dynamic strain of cannabis that has a vast array of uses. It can help with anything from glaucoma and arthritis, all the way to ADHD and depression. Besides being a great medicinal strain, it also tastes citrusy and floral. So it will tantalize your taste buds in a new and exciting way. cannabis for sale

Bred by Denver based growing company Rare Darkness, Ghost Train Haze is certainly not a strain for beginners. The sometimes psychedelic (but always heady) cannabis type not only contains potent quantities of THC. But also has some “intriguing” effects which may not be a solid match for some. In fact, some Ghost Train Haze users have jokingly (or maybe not so jokingly) compared the strain to a mild psychedelic.

In 2012, High Times actually named the strain the “Most Potent on Earth”, further solidifying its intense abilities. Aside from being a superb option for those who like a bit of a “cerebral adventure,” GTH is also met with outstanding medical benefits, which is why it has gained so much popularity globally and become notorious for providing multi-symptom support.

Keep reading to discover even more about the mind-bending Ghost Train Haze marijuana strain in our complete review…


What Is Ghost Train Haze?

As a masterpiece genetic crossing of parent strains Ghost OG (hybrid) and Nevil’s Wreck (sativa). Ghost Train Haze is an intensely potent marijuana miracle. Notorious for being one of the world’s strongest smokes and ranking in with an average THC content of 28%.

Classified mostly as a sativa-dominant hybrid (but other times purely as a sativa). Ghost Train Haze has about an 80:20 sativa-to-indica ratio. But surprisingly most would probably agree that it acts more as an indica-dominant hybrid (at least in high doses).

Time and time again, consumers warn that GTH should be reserved mostly for experienced smokers. Primarily when ingested in higher doses, because there is a possibility of THC-induced paranoia with this strain. Especially if you are someone who is prone to anxiety. (Actually, those with anxiety might want to try one of these four strains instead).

Ghost Train Haze: Aroma, Flavor and Appearance cannabis for sale

As soon as you step into the room that has a bag of Ghost Train Haze in it, you’ll know it’s there. This cannabis type is potent, pungent, and wildly rich, stinking up whatever space it’s in. This might be cumbersome for some, but we all know that strong weed will always come along with an absurdly dank aroma.

| The aroma of Ghost Train Haze is wickedly potent — so don’t expect it to be able to store (or smoke it) discreetly. cannabis for sale

It actually leaves the air reeking of citrus and flowers, and impacts the senses with its sweet, naturally floral scent. The taste buds will receive a similar experience, for as soon as the cannabis strain hits the tongue, extensive notes of citrus are felt – sometimes arising as a sweet lemon flavor. The inhale is smooth and velvety, gently touching the lungs, with an earthy and floral exhale that lingers in the mouth long after the smoke itself has passed.

Appearance-wise, Ghost Train Haze can mostly be describe as frosty-white, further supporting its spirit-related name. Covered in so many crystals and vibrant trichomes, the sugar leaves are certainly sugary, radiating a bright, forest green color, with brassy orange pistils (those tiny, curling hairs) dancing amongst the “freshly fallen snow”, adding just a pop of color and plenty of extra texture. The buds are dense and potent, often weighing much heavier than their apparent size.

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