Krav Grape Indica Lollipop has THC ratio of 25mg to 150mg of delicious Edibles.

This Krav Grape Indica Lollipop are hard and come in assorted flavours.

  • Krav Grape daytime Lollipops/Suckers contain 90mgs sativa THC each.
  • Each order contains 2 grape flavoured lollipops. Total order = 180 mgs THC
  • These medicated suckers are a convenient and discreet way to consume your medication

THC Hard Candy is available online at Cheeba’s. Krav Grape Indica Lollipop

That’s right, weed candy. Perfect for apartments without a balcony, rainy days, movies; y’know, doing nothing.

2 lollipops per pack with 90mg of indica-based THC each.

The black packaging marks these lollipops to be Indica based. The specific strain in unknown, but the effects are very indica. Best for night time consumption.

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Finally, comes in packs of two delicious lollipops. One pack contains 180 mg of THC per pack 90 mg per sucker.

Therefore, these suckers are perfect for getting a slow, sustained buzz. They’re as tasty as they are potent, but finding the right level is easy to do. So, like any edible, make sure to go slow. It’s easy to overdo it with treats, but the lollipops are perfect to enjoy slowly.

The high is mellow and takes a bit to settle, but the wait is worth it.


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