When you cross the popular strains Sherbert and Gelato, you get the scrumptious strain dubb Sherblato. The sweet result of Sherblato genetics and terpene profile produces a scent and flavor similar to cookies a la mode. or fresh-baked confections combine with tantalizing vanilla gelato beneath its diesel overtone,sherbato exotic cartridges for sale..

The cured nuggets of the Sherblato strain are a deep olive green with light orange pistils and tiny patches of violet here and there. They have a dense quality to them but can break up easily without too many trichomes sticking to your fingers or grinder.

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Sherblato THC levels can fluctuate depending on a batch’s cultivation and curing techniques.  so be sure to check before making yourself a serving. Sherblato strain effects have been describe as producing an instant body buzz. Some felt their chronic pain disappear while others who were experiencing trouble with cramping or nausea, found that it help. Them to eat food. Still others like Sherblato because it gave them a mellow high that was great for listening to music or playing.

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What does Sherblato mean?

This strain’s name is a combination of its parent strains’ names: Sherbert & Gelato.

Where does Sherblato come from?

Sherblato is the result of crossing Sherbert and Gelato strains.

What does Sherblato taste like?

The taste of Sherblato weed is a bit diesel-like, though hints of vanilla cookies can be tasted on the exhale.

What does Sher

A cross of the popular Sherbert and Gelato, Sherblato is quickly becoming a favorite on the West Coast. With Pink Panties, GSC, and Sunset Sherbert in its lineage, this strain doesn’t mess around. Therefore, it offers a tart citrus profile that’s back by notes of gas. As for the high, Sherblato is going to get you baked and buzzing, putting your mind and body at ease without flooring you for the rest of the day.


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